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 The story of the VLF

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PostSubject: The story of the VLF   Thu May 10, 2007 11:17 am

It all began a long time ago in the system of New Berlin.

a group of pilots were flying around the plant of new berlin when suddently they were fired at by Rhienland military. finding it hard to beleive they made a runner for the Hamburg jump gate. escaping the Rhienland military they came to join a secret organisation called the Void Liberation Force.
Joining this order they swore to fighting against Rhienland in its time of trouble.Years after they discovered that the Rhienland Military had been over run by the nomads failing to recognise this the VLF moved in trying to nutralise all the leaders of the Rhienland Military.
Failing to get the last gereral of the Rhienland Military they got caught. they were aressted and sent to New Berlin for their trial which they knew would come out guilty. under desperation one of the pilots managed to escape in a dareing attempt he managed to kill the last general of the Rhienland Military breaking the nomads power over Rhienland. the other members of this secret order of the VLF went back to Hamburg in a great joy.
not forgeting there to freinds they contacted Rhienland Military asking them for the bodies of the two pilots. the VLF were given the title protectors of Rhienland and given Hamburg as a base for a navy force the military wanted to startup the Void Liberation Force.

that naval force still stands today.
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The story of the VLF
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